Our Latest Patient Testimonial

My dentist had me meet with Dr. Sallustio because I was dangerously close to my nerves due to years of grinding. Meeting Dr. Sallustio and his wonderful staff was amazing. I felt comfortable from the first meeting until the final procedure, well not final, I am going to see him every 6 months from now on. I had to get work done prior to the amazing Dr. doing his work on me, he sent me to Dr. Anthony Di Cesare in Red Bank. He is also an amazing doctor and his staff is equally warm and helpful and a lot of fun. I did not come to Dr. Sallustio for cosmetic work, I came because of my nerve condition. The technology used in his office is unbelievable, hard to explain. I never had to wait, I never was in pain, and 2 important things to me are, I don't have to worry about nerve damage because of his wonderful work and his staff and I laughed joked and had fun with each other making a MAJOR procedure for me so at ease, I actually looked forward going to the office. The final product is amazing and although I didn't come here for cosmetic work, my new smile is crazy, too many compliments. I thank you Dr. Sallustio, you are my Dr. and a friend to me now, your truly a brilliant Dr., you fixed me and made me feel at home in your office joking with me as you were performing your magic. Another thing about Dr. Sallustio that he won't tell you, is he has a blessing operating on babies and children with cleft lip and palate, donating his service for those in need. The entire staff at the office are equally wonderful, easy appointments, no waiting, all questions answered, and of course laughing and joking around with me the entire time, thank you all !!. I look forward to seeing you all for a long time. I want to thank my dentist Dr. Louis Sardelli who owns Dental Plaza in Passaic for sending me to Dr. Sallustio, thanks so much Dr. Lou !! For those reading this, if you have any dental concerns and your nervous, trust me make an appointment !!

- Donald M

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