Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Our 17 year daughter smiles all the time thanks to Dr. Sallustio. She was born without 5 of her front teeth and after years of whatever could go wrong happening, we were referred to Dr. Sallustio. He completed one implant, a Maryland Bridge, a seven tooth bridge and 2 veneers. The day it all came together, our daughter was so stuck by how excited he was to complete her smile. He told her he woke up early to make sure everything was ready and that is when she realized she wasn't just a number, instead he truly wanted her to be happy with her smile. She stands a little taller, has more confidence, and her smile brings tears to our eyes as it lights up her face. We will forever be grateful that Dr. Sallustio brought our daughter's wish of having a normal smile to life!

- Lynn V

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