Our Latest Patient Testimonial

After having a dental implant at another location, I found myself in a position where my implant was not positioned properly; this caused a problem with my permanent crown. The implant was for the last lower left molar in my mouth, so when the implant was placed too far back, the crown that my regular dentist inserted left a large space between the implant/crown and my next tooth(molar). To say the least, I was not happy. I came to Dr. Sallustio who immediately came up with a solution to my problem. He customized a crown to fit my implant that would alleviate the spacing problem. He was very professional and explained every detail of the procedure. Dr. Sallustio's goal was always to do his absolute best to make me happy. If I ever have to have another implant, my first stop will be at Dr. Sallustio's office.

- Flo D

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