Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Several months ago, I was told that I would require crowns and veneers on, essentially, all of my visible teeth, due to enamel erosion. I was referred to Dr Sallustio and told that he “is the best”. Now, months later,my upper crowns are complete and I’m extremely happy with them. They look and feel perfectly natural and I’m, once again, happy with my smile. We had a bit of a bumpy road, mainly because I tend to be perfectionist and I was unable to adequately describe what I wanted my smile to look like. Once Dr Sallustio “got it”, it was smooth sailing. We are now almost done with my lower teeth and I know that they will look equally good. Dr Sallustio is a talented, kind and amazingly patient clinician. My smile is so insignificant in relation to the life-altering surgery that he does on a variety of deformities. I am proud to be his patient. His staff are as warm, professional and caring as he is. To top it all off, his office is absolutely immaculate and both decoratively and architecturally gorgeous- a real visual treat! If I am lucky, Dr Sallustio will be my dentist for life!!

- Valerie T

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